SubRon6 is a group of radio controlled submarine modelers whose primary purpose is to share and educate others in the fun and exciting world of RC model submarines. The SubRon6 members welcome you to our website and hope you find within these pages the inspiration to join the ranks of:
"The Few, The Proud, The Submerged!"

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Get an overview of the SubRon6 club and more information on how to contact us.

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If you are interested in diving into the world of RC submarines, then this page may be helpful in answering some of your questions. Questions like, 'How do they work?, 'How much does it cost', 'What happens when it fails to surface?' are answered here.

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Even though the members of SubRon6 are spread across a large geography, we try to get together several times a year to display and run our models. Often, we attend the events of other local RC boat clubs or run joint events to draw larger crowds. Other times we just get together ourselves to fine tune our models and 'chew the fat'.

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The photo gallery holds a variety of photos of member's or other's RC submarines. Photos from past events are also included.

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The SubRon6 members cover a wide geographic area of the Midwest. Members come from Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, Indiana and more. The members page includes a list of the members along with contact information. Get in touch with nearby members

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You will find that our members build a variety of types of submarines from the earliest subs used during the Civil War, to the ever popular World War II models on through to models of the latest high tech nuclear submarines. You'll can also find models from different countries. RC submarine modelers are quite innovative and you'll find that the mechanisms employed to operate these models are as varied as the submarines themselves.

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Your place to ask questions, express you thoughts and share information as long as it is RC sub related.